Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life's Pooping Machines

Life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to. Along our journey, we step into some poop every now and then.

Golf is my hobby. In recent years, most golf courses have been plagued with Canada "pooping machines" better known as Canada geese. These winged invaders from the north have the audacity to hang around tee boxes and greens where they leave their unsightly calling cards -- geese poop, the size of a small dog's poop.

In addition to this insult, these uninvited aliens are, of course, federally protected.

Most of U.S. presidents have played golf. The present occupant of the oval office is no exception. In fact, he may have set a presidential record for playing more golf in his short time in office than any of his predecessors. I have no clue how he deals with the poop-problem, but it wouldn't surprise me if the secret service or some other tax-paid official picks up the geese poop before the chief executive walks to the first tee.

Golf isn't so pristine for the average Joe or Charles. We step in it, over it, or around it. Goose poop is annoying. It has however made me thankful that North Carolina (where I play most) has reintroduced coyotes to our habitat. I saw a healthy coyote run across a fairway about 30 yards ahead of me a few weeks ago heading for a flock of geese. It was a beautiful sight. One only hopes these swift scavengers develop a healthy appetite for goose!

All you animal rights folks, hold on to your leashes. The coyote solution is nature at its best work! Let creation balance itself out.

Have a great day. Play some golf or take a walk outside, pray for the coyotes and watch where your step.

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